Authentication of secretion transaction

Posted on: Mon, 06/19/2023 - 16:28 By: admin
Authentication of secretion transaction

1- The excretion transaction shall be submitted by the licensed surveyor or the person concerned with all its papers related to the subject of the transaction and with excretion plans certified by the licensed surveyor and delivered to the technical department in the municipality.

2- A copy of the municipality’s excretion request shall be attached, and the subject matter of the transaction shall be examined by the technical department in the municipality to ensure that the excretion transaction conforms to the provisions of the regulation, and a detailed report on the transaction shall be prepared.

3- The transaction shall be presented to the local planning committee to take an appropriate decision on the subject of the transaction.

4- The transaction is transferred to the municipality accountant to collect the legal fees and release the piece.

5- The transaction is transferred to the secretary of the local organizing committee to seal the transaction with the seal of the local committee for secretion and signed by the head of the local organizing committee.

The required documents: