Works permit

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Works permit

Requirements for obtaining a work permit:

1- All papers are submitted and placed in a special application and delivered to the Building Permits Section, and a detailed report is prepared on the reality of the building and its conformity with the license granted to it.

2- The transaction is presented to the local planning committee to take a decision to grant the building a work permit to which services are intended to be delivered.

3- The transaction is transferred to the municipality accountant to collect the works permit fees as required.

4- The transaction shall be transferred to the secretary of the local planning committee to issue a works permit based on the decision of the local committee.

5- The originals of the transaction shall be preserved and recorded at the Municipality Court.

6- Registration document.

7- Modern land plan.

8- Site plan and modern demarcation.

9- A clearance from the municipality’s finances, the roofs and the area.

10- Building permit.

The required documents: