Enter an area to regulate

Posted on: Mon, 06/19/2023 - 16:31 By: admin
Enter an area to regulate

The procedures used to enter an area for regulation:

1- The citizen submits an application to the mayor that includes entering the area for planning, attached to it a registration deed for the plots and a recent land plan.

2- The area subject of the summons shall be inspected by the technical department in the municipality and necessary plans shall be prepared for the project of introducing the organization, with all buildings being downloaded to sufficient plans and street events in the area.

3- The transaction is presented to the local committee for planning to discuss the draft introduction of planning and to take an appropriate decision.

4- The plans prepared by the local planning committee shall be photocopied in eight copies and the committee’s decision printed and the district planning committee shall be provided with the subject matter of the local committee’s decision to take the appropriate decision and proceed with the legal procedures.


The required documents: