Mayor's speech

Mayor's speech

In the name of God,

the most gracious, the most merciful
In continuation of our development and service path, and in realization of the visions of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, and the aspirations of our wise government to make the municipality the focus of local development within the decentralization law, we are working hard to achieve these visions by strengthening the role of the municipality and achieving community participation, which in turn will help contribute to achieving our goals. To provide the best services to the citizens, which will achieve a decent life for the dear citizens. In terms of enhancing community communication and achieving a mutual response between the municipality and the various groups of the local community, which is reflected in the improvement of services, the municipality has taken it upon itself through its community communication strategy, which contains several tools and was developed with community participation. The municipality has developed and activated these tools. Which includes the website, which is considered one of the social communication tools necessary to increase our communication with various groups.


Today we are launching the official website of the Greater Ma'an Municipality in its new look, to be part of the community communication strategy adopted by the municipality to be supportive of all its services in all sectors, in addition to keeping pace with the electronic and digital development in our wide environment. We have been keen here that this site bears the slogan "mutual response", which reflects our vision in providing electronic services to citizens and various groups, in addition to informing them of the developments and aspirations of the municipality.

Its future plans in addition to the challenges facing us, on the other hand, we are keen to hear your opinions and comments that will be of interest to us. Serving you and your involvement with us is our goal, as you are part of the municipality, as we look forward to your interaction with us, which in turn sharpens our motivation to provide the best services and achieve growth and prosperity for our municipality and our dear country, and may God protect you and our dear country under the shadow of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein.

Dr. Yassin Fares Salah
Mayor of the Greater Ma'an Municipality